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Back in the Saddle Again…(Excuses)

I have not written on my blog in ages. I’m sorry. Sometimes life truly does get in the way. Or maybe that’s just an excuse. Here’s a list of funny excuses of why I didn’t write. I do have days where my inner critic is setting me up to fail, and perfectionism, and fear, and getting sidetracked, and spam is a problem, and what would people think! And, oh well…

I honestly don’t ever not write due to makeup, fingernails or my weight. Or clowns…clowns don’t affect my ability to write. Unless they are standing behind me looking over my shoulder while I’m typing, and then that is just WAY creepy. God help me, if the clowns had balloons, too. Ugh. Okay, clowns are officially a good excuse not to write.

Nancy’s Handy-Dandy List of Excuses to Use For Not Writing

  1. My computer is having issues.
  2. My brain is having issues.
  3. My kids are having issues.
  4. My inner critic is super mean today.
  5. I want it to be perfect and it’s not, so I have to start over. Again.
  6. I need to paint my fingernails so they look pretty when they dance around on the qwerty.
  7. I am afraid I’ll offend someone.
  8. I’m afraid I won’t offend anyone.
  9. I need to lose ten pounds first.
  10. I got sidetracked by (choose one) a) social media b) reading c) errands d) the clown standing on the corner downtown e) all of the above.
  11. Kids are sick. Hubby is sick. I am sick.
  12. I’d have to put on makeup first.
  13. People will laugh at me, and then ask who do I think I am.
  14. I have so much spam on my blog it will take hours to get it all down and then post, and I have to be somewhere soon.
  15. It’s a holiday! National (fill in the blank) Day can’t happen without me!
  16. The Muse didn’t hit me with the genius stick today.

What’s your best excuse?

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