Why I Read.

Why do I read?

10. I like to learn, experience and enjoy other people’s point of view on things.

9. At 5 or 6, I used to check out the smallest kid’s books in the library because I thought they were cute. It escalated from there.

8. A book can take you anywhere you want to go. A book can let you be anyone you want to be.

7. It’s one good habit I do have.

6. It’s fun, relaxing, exciting, and/or sometimes depressing working your way through a story, but you always grow as a person when you experience those feelings.

5. I like to see how other authors string together words and phrases to make stories. Writers have to read!

4. Humans were made to appreciate “story” in any form. I happen to like words.

3. My imagination has no limits. The big screen does.

2. It’s better than cleaning out the litter box.

#1 Why wouldn’t I???

Why do you read?

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