Success for Writers According to Schrödinger’s Cat

Success for Writers: According to Schrödinger’s Cat

Author note: This is the best worst or worst best thing I’ve ever written.

Writers should look for little wins throughout the writing process. Here are some of my success points, lick, lick, to encourage you as you write the greatest piece of litter-ature of all time.

When you pull up your document and it is a purrfectly blank page, declare success! You have neither ruined it with your tedious drivel nor created the beginning of your masterpiece.

No other line can make or break your story quite as much as the first line. But no pussyfooting around, just write it down. Then, celebrate that success! It can be the worst of times, the best of times, or it can be both.

You are at the end of a vital line of dialogue from your character. A rather catty remark, too.  Do you put a question mark? A period. An exclamation! Or could it use all of them. Celebrate success before you ruin it with erroneous punctuation.

Now, you’re in the middle of your project. You are both here and there in the writing process. It’s as satisfying as coughing up a hairball and as nerve wracking as rocking chairs.

Success! You’ve finished your piece and now you must become your most evil, finicky self for the editing process. Hiss! Also, be kind to your story, mew.

Your work of art is complete and has been sent to your publication of choice. Cheers! The publication has not accepted, nor rejected you, so pounce on that hope. Remember, if the editor never responds, you have achieved total Schrödinger’s success.

Meow, get to work and create. I’m going to play in this box a while.

(Click if you weren’t up to date on your Schrödinger’s Cat information, then re-read.)

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