Writing Stinks (Sometimes)

Sometimes writing and creating stinks. Not in an odoriferous way, but the emotional feeling you get when it doesn’t work out the way you planned. (Life lesson time: nothing works out as planned.)

Writing stinks when:

  1. You actually have the time and the solitude to write, but your mind is racing in every direction or you come up empty on ideas and inspiration. I liken this to when you go shopping and you have money, but can’t find anything you want to try on.


  1. You have a bazillion ideas or one really awesome one, but you don’t have time to write them down. I liken this to when you go through a store and find many items you’d love to try on and purchase, but you have no extra money.


  1. You are at the bank/school/family holiday and the banker/other moms/relatives ask what you do for a living. Because next comes… ‘So you aren’t financially stable?’ ‘Anything I might have read?’ ‘And how’s that working out for you?’


  1. There’s a profound statement your character needs to make, and it’s on the tip of your tongue/finger, but it’s not coming out right.


  1. I need to mention #1 & #2 again, because they really stink.


  1. You find half of your story is in first person and the other half is in third, and somehow it all seems passive.


  1. You get stuck on Perfectionism Circle or in This-Is-So-Bad-It’s-Easy Land.


  1. You find there’s nothing else in the world that makes you feel quite as good, or that you would ever consider doing.


When do you think writing or creating stinks the most?

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