Off To See The Wizard-Being-Guru

If there were a wizard, a guru, an all-knowing-writer being, I’d walk that yellow brick road to ask him/her a few questions.

For instance:

Dear writer wizard being guru, why is it so hard to start and so hard to get over all those irritating voices that say, ‘oh heck no,’ in your head?

These voices plague me daily. Yes, it is others voicing their thoughts and my own self-doubt, but really, how much doubt CAN one person have about a thing.

Dear writer wizard being guru, how can I find a writer online who’s been there to answer my silly questions about my work, for free, you know like a mentor?

I don’t have time/or access to a group of people who write that I can bounce ideas off. Since we do most things online these days, isn’t there a way for this to happen? Sure you can pay for this, but what writer can actually PAY for this.

Dear wwgb, will the comparing ever stop?

When you have a child, the first thing you hear about development of the child is to not compare his/her development to other children as all develop differently. Then, when the child gets to school the first thing they do is take a test in order to see where the child falls in comparison to others. Yes, you see my point.

However, I’m sure just like Dorothy, any writer wizard being guru, would be sure to let me know I had the power and knowledge inside me all along.

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