Man, I Hate It When Life Gives You A Lesson.

A year or so ago, I woke up and told my husband about this vivid dream I had that would make a perfect book. It was not my usual “literary” taste, but it was really cool in my dream and I could just picture it as a book and a movie. I explained to him that it was about zombies and how one ‘human’ girl fell in love with a zombie and all the things they went through to be in love. It had tension, love, humor, supernatural peril, a plot… all the good things. As two people who think vampire fiction should not have vampires sparkling in the sun but burning instead, hubster and I debated this concept. He said, “No, zombies don’t feel, that’s why they are zombies!” I said, “But I have a plausible way of making that not an issue.” “But they can’t have relationships, they are zombies.”  Etc…etc.

About six months after that, I had forgotten about my zombie idea because I’m iffy and cautious about my writing and can be talked out of anything. Hubster called and told me, “I will never, ever say you are wrong about anything ever again.” I thought well those are the words to my heart no matter what it is about. Later, he showed me the movie trailer for “Warm Bodies.” I laughed, “Nooo!!!”

This weekend that movie based on a novel by Issac Marion made $20 million dollars opening weekend.

 Lessons incurred from this experience include, but are not limited to:

  •        There is nothing original under the sun, just make it your own. I have always known this but am reminded of it yet again.
  •         If you believe in it, do it, no matter what anyone else says, even if it is your sweet hubster.
  •         Being “right” doesn’t make you $20 million in one weekend, but writing might. (Technically, that writer won’t see much of that at all but still…)
  •         I know writing and I know me, and really should have some confidence. (Or in redneck terms, I need to grow a pair.)

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