Books for Writers About Writing

In my years of writing and trying to perfect (ha, ha, ha) the writing process and technique, I have read my weight 20 times over in books for writers. Below are my favorites.

The Artists’ Way by Julia Cameron – More motivation than technique, but also helps to develop technique, process and helps to let that artist out no matter who or what inner critic says, “Who do you think you are?”

Writing Down The Bones: Freeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg – Spiritual and classic.

Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott – First time or the 50th time reading it I feel the same, love this, love this, love this. Real world, real life, real writing.

Writer’s Digest Writer’s Encyclopedia – In case you need to quickly know what any element in writing is about or means, from permission rights to 3rd person. It is in a helpful A-Z format, like an Encyclopedia, if you remember those, please say yes or I’ll feel old.

Fiction Writers Workshop by Josip Novakovich – The title is exactly what it is, exercises and all.

The number one best book for a writer is blank notebook filled with your writing.

Reading anything will improve your writing. It is another way you can hear other writer’s voices and discover what makes your own voice unique.

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