Books, Hope & Despair, plus Reading

It’s that time! National Book Award finalist time, that is.

You may be asking yourself, what does this mean for me?  After reading the Publisher’s Weekly announcement, you will discover there are five debut works in the mix. If you are new to publishing/writing this gives you hope.  You will also discover there are five Nobel Prize winners. This may make you feel like you missed the boat and should have started publishing in your teens. Six books were published by small, independent or university presses. This should give you hope again as you may be able to realize your writing dreams after all. You might just be able to get published someday without having a major publisher; and that the publishing world indeed, may not be dead, but merely sleeping through its mainstream erotic fiction (oxymoron alert) that it is currently supporting.  

Most of all, if you are looking for good reading material this is the place to start.

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