We’ve Got A Wrong To Write (yes, it’s artsy & political)

-Books. Writing. Stories. These things shouldn’t be taken for granted.

-IS the pen mightier than the sword?

-We really are better together.

-We need the arts to keep us sane, broaden our minds and keep a deeper record of what is happening or has happened in our world.

These thoughts have gone through my head over the last few weeks as our world seems to be changing faster and in a direction which I do not approve. I still can’t believe I assumed elected officials would stand up to bullying for the good of the people and the American ideal and dream. And for kindness, just stand up for simple human kindness! But I digress…

So, what do I do about it? I write. I write the stories I know need telling. I write the characters that give me life in hopes that they give others what they need. I read the books that inspire. I put those books in my little library in hopes that they will spark something in others. Also, I share the stories that give hope and understanding. Is it a protest? No, but I “sit in” my chair and do what I believe to be right, so in that sense, yes, every time I write it’s a big middle finger to those with little, closed minds.

If we all write from our hearts, then yes, the pen IS mightier than any sword, we can change opinions and thus change the world, without bullying.

We are better together. People of all shapes, sizes, genders, societal levels, incomes, colors, cat people vs. dog lovers, coffee vs. tea drinkers…we can learn to stand together. We can focus on why we are alike instead of why we are different. We are all immigrants, unless Native American. We all had a mother figure/woman in our life. We all have had to work for something. We’ve all enjoyed something that was artistic. We all recognize when someone is kind. We can all smile. We could just start there.

The arts (including writing and stories) began with cavemen and women and it’s not going to stop now.  I’m doing what I can the only way I know how.  So, hold your own “sit in” and get to work. We’ve got a wrong to write.

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