Slay The Beast!

Ever wonder what goes on in a writer’s head? I’ve read sentences and thought, ‘Genius! How on earth did he/she come up with that!’

As I am supposed to be writing on a story and can’t seem to clear my head from all the thoughts in my brain, I wanted to write them down so you might better understand all the chatter that goes on. This is sometimes how I get my ideas for sentences and stories. However, most times all this chatter just sends me into the kitchen to eat something, anything!

  • Why are you even trying to write this? No one wants to read this!
  • So if I take son to said event, I can get back in time for other said event across the way.
  • I need to be _____ (fill in the blank with any random project or thing including cleaning house, reading, labeling notebooks…)
  • Even if it isn’t good I need to get it down on paper first at least to look at it.
  • Eggs, rice, toothbrush, orange juice…
  • I only have so many hours until the kids come home and then I’ll have to help with homework and activities so write it down, now!
  • Won’t it be glorious if they make this into a movie. My Oscar(R) speech will start: “Thank you so much! (point upwards) Yes, this is my real accent. Not every southerner sounds like this; only the sexy, smart ones…”
  • Oh crap,  I wanted to do such-and-such today I forgot! (Adds to to-do list after finding to-do list.)
  • I really need to lose weight, I don’t like this jiggle here…
  • Stop typing ‘just’ and ‘that’ – there are better words!!! Find function, replace…
  • But if Character A meets Character B then Character C is pointless. Argggg!
  • delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete…

It’s amazing I get anything done. There are days I can end the chatter and focus, other days my mind just chats on, whether I want it to or not. I realize this is what they call resistance, inner critic, bastard… I call it annoying.

Soon I shall slay the beast that keeps my genius in chains. Today does not seem to be that day.

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